Who we are

We are a worldwide partnership making Industrial hemp and Medicinal cannabis genetics equally available and affordable for every farmer



Discussion between Hempvolution and Invegrow begins developing a collaboration draft for the research, breeding and registration of cannabis varieties based on the available legal framework.


Collaboration activities begin at Chitedze research station under Genscore Brand. Investing in growing facilities and commencing research and development activities.


Expansion of growing facilities, trials and breeding programs.


Selection and purchase of strategical farm land to transit from research to comercial activities & investment on agricultural and laboratory capabilities.


Licences granted. Varieties registered. Genetic supply commenced. Medical Cannabis research and registration process begins.


To develop the most innovative, trustworthy and high quality cannabis genetics business from our unique proprietary germplasm.


To be a leading, innovative producer and supplier of industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis genetics globally.


Driven by integrity, responsibility and honesty. Promoting regeneration and advising for cooperativism to help communities and the environment.


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Social responsibility

Local value addition from the ground-up. Impacting farmers and communities with employment and knowledge transfer.


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Invegrow and Hempvolution representatives met for the first time to evaluate synergies between their respective projects and goals. A general draft for research breeding and registration of cannabis varieties in Malawi was developed between the 2 entities based on the available legal framework at the time.


Variety trials

In Chitedze, Lilongwe, monitored and assisted by the Department of Agricultural Research Services (DARS), variety trials commenced for the partnership on a four hectare plot on the research station. 


During the variety trials, greenhouse structures were built with light addition In which mother stock of the researched varieties was kept for further breeding activities, commencing the genebank.


Monitored and assisted by the director and appointed technicians from the research station, performance information was gathered to assess suitability of the crop and the varieties for the soon to come cannabis industry. This provided technical objective support for the ministries to set the boundaries of discussion about legalising any form of cannabis.


Expansion of the growing facilities

Breeding activities followed the expansion of the growing facilities at chitedze research station, including greenhouse structures, irrigation systems and solar systems for the genbank.


Consulting services & laboratory capacity development

Acquired farm land along Mchinji road, to expand from  research trials to commercial operations.


Awaiting licences, we focused on offering consulting services to help new and established companies transiting from scratch and other farming operations into cannabis production.


With the aim of offering a higher quality service and establishing world class standards in Malawi, we focused our efforts into developing a laboratory capacity within the company collaborating with other industry players for the accurate analysis of raw material characteristics.


Licence granted

Awarded with licences in May, our varieties got the approval as new registered hemp strains and were released for commercial cultivation, making our first sales short after.


Since few companies jumped in when licences were awarded, our focus kept being the improvement and expansion of our facilities, buying another 3 hectare farm along mchinji road.


Due to the new legal framework, medicinal cannabis trials and breeding began at the research station.

The objective

The reason why

In 2017, Hempvolution and Invegrow, joined forces to promote a new cannabis industry in Malawi;



To ensure strain availability for the efficient production of cannabis raw materials in a competitive level.


Value addition

to create a cannabis industry offering hundreds of possibilities for a diverse value addition opportunity.

Nowadays, as Genscore, we are glad to promote ourselves as a worldwide partnership to make Industrial hemp and Medicinal cannabis genetics equally available and affordable for every farmer.