Technical and Operational solutions

Become a member of the medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp industries avoiding novel mistakes


Online technical 



Assesment​ for semi/fully finished facilities


Development of 

customized plans

Standard operating

Tailored to

your needs


Licence application 

guidance and checklist

Online technical assistance

Technical advisory

What is it?

Scheduled call for general guidance about the crop, the industry, legislation and other industry related topics.


Why would I need it?

We can guide you and your team by providing key information to avoid novel mistakes, streamline priorities and focus on an efficient, sound and manageable plan.

Assesment​ for semi/fully finished facilities

Site assesment

Evaluation of existing installations, structures, teams, procedures and others to assess effectiveness and compliance.

Development of customized plans

Operational design

These options are to be selected individually or as a pack depending on your requirements. We will quote the following services after consultation and in relation to your goals and urgency.

A. Proposal and Adaptation of Land Layout and Structures

B. Recommendations on Materials and Equipment

C. Human Resource Requirements

D. Crop Planning, Timeline

Standard operating procedures

Operating procedures

To comply with international quality standards and ensure product quality and homogeneity.


Licence application​

Our goal is to promote the industry and we do not only hand over application forms for any interested party but also provide guidance services in the fulfilment and compliance of these by advising and guiding the licence application understanding what selection criteria is used by the cannabis regulatory authority.